'70 Fender Stratocaster Headstock Waterslide Decal - True Silkscreen

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Replacement guitar decal. Best quality. True vintage specs. In the 50s, guitar brands used a silkscreen printing process for making the decals. The paper they used was named 'simplex'. It was a heavy-weight hydrophilic paper that was top-coated with a water soluble gel/glue. On top of this glue they would silkscreen the image. First the inner image, such as the silver or gold in the logo. On top of this, the black outline and the name. When the absorbent paper was placed into warm water, it would soak through and saturate, allowing the image to slide off the paper, along with a bit of the glue. It was then easy to place it on the headstock. This decal was professionally made using exactly the same components and making process that were used back then. NOT inkjet or laser. NO offset. TRUE SILKSCREEN. I ship worldwide. Items will be shipped within 1 - 3 business days from receipt of cleared payment.Thanks for looking in, email with any question.